Sunday, 29 November 2009

revealing all !

I am part of the gang showing at Reveal from Thursday 3 - Sunday 6 December 2009 to find out more take a sneaky peek at
I am nearly finished making, and as ever am feeling a bit scared about putting my heart out on the block for all to see.
Oh well onward and upward.
Off now for a big glass of wine.

Friday, 27 November 2009

drawing from life

The loving couple cushion
can be found in my folksy shop

Got out of bed the wrong side this morning, I really wanted to finish my dream, in a clinch with Colin Farrell and my little nephew came in sleep walking talking about a toothpaste monster. Darn it why can't you slip back into those dreams?
I don't have children and don't really think I have a maternal bone in my body, but I absolutely love children and my nephews and niece, they bring such joy, wonder and I find them a great source of amusement.
So with thoughts of Mr Colin Farrell swimming round in my head off I go to life drawing, it is really good practise, everybody should do it to free up your line, thought, observation and it's so relaxing.
But today no body beautiful certainly not Mr Farrell more like a 70 year old barrel. I know, I am being mean. The sketches I make in my life drawing sessions inspire many different paintings and other stuff.
Maybe next week it will be Colin Farrell, Brad, Jude,the highly beautiful Armani man of the moment,or the man at the gym. Some hopes!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

motivation for the gym

Is it ever ok that your motivation for going to the gym, is to watch the beautiful man that runs there ?
He is glorious!!!!!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

fallen of the edge of the world

I feel like I have fallen off the edge of the world. All is ok though! I am clambering my way back. For the last two weeks I have become a hermit working to finish commission, making for the Reveal showcase in Henley. Wandering aimlessly through my mind to my inspiration memory bank, I have been over to the dark side, the inspiration desert. I came through and then once I started the ideas just didn't stop. I would like to say a big thank you to all my loving friends, family and ever so patient Phil. They have rang me up to go out, drink wine and gossip and it's been no, I must get this finished!!!!! I did go out this weekend it was lovely just to be in the world, eat lovely food and laugh until you hurt. Now the cold light of day on a Monday, I have to get my house and studio back, to it's normal ordered chaos, at present it just looks like a fabric explosion, every surface covered in thread, fabric, paint, and buttons. Also my car is in the same state. I had a tin with over 500 buttons in it, I swerved to miss a pigeon and the buttons went everywhere. There's a job! My car just might stay as my giant button tin.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Thank goodness!

Photos both from Vogue's December issue 09

I am very rarely ill, touch wood, but last night and today feel so fragile and it comes as a shock to the system when you can't race about and the journey down the stairs feels like your descending Everest. All I can say is thank goodness for the post as December's Vogue fell on the door mat. So me and Archie the cat have been wrapped up in a blanket sitting on the sofa looking at the heady delights of December's issue. It is so lovely to indulge yourself in the wonder of the world of fashion. Stephen Jones beautiful hat from 1992 or the fashion story red alert with strong graphic red silhouettes set against the white cliffs of Dover. I have fashion illustrations to finish with an ever nearing deadline. So not being able to do anything has been a day for thought, contemplation and inspiration gathering, from the sofa.

Monday, 2 November 2009


Spent a lovely Sunday at Bookface which was a celebration of unconventional book and local artists creations, poetry readings and organic beer and delicious cake. Perfect combination for a Sunday. The building we were in was old and cranky, with appalling colours on the walls, walls maybe on the verge of tumbling, dusty old wooden floors, a baby grand piano that's just ever so slightly out of tune, chipped mugs and those coasters my nan had that showed picture postcard views of wales. It is all these imperfections that make this place so, so perfect. I didn't have any knowledge of performance poetry really, but Bookface fuelled my thirst for getting out there and finding it and enjoying something new. The performance poets were brilliant, I am hooked. We were there to launch our little artist hand-made book Fishy Business, it was lovely to be surrounded by artists and unconventional's who see the world through many eyes.