Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Thank goodness!

Photos both from Vogue's December issue 09

I am very rarely ill, touch wood, but last night and today feel so fragile and it comes as a shock to the system when you can't race about and the journey down the stairs feels like your descending Everest. All I can say is thank goodness for the post as December's Vogue fell on the door mat. So me and Archie the cat have been wrapped up in a blanket sitting on the sofa looking at the heady delights of December's issue. It is so lovely to indulge yourself in the wonder of the world of fashion. Stephen Jones beautiful hat from 1992 or the fashion story red alert with strong graphic red silhouettes set against the white cliffs of Dover. I have fashion illustrations to finish with an ever nearing deadline. So not being able to do anything has been a day for thought, contemplation and inspiration gathering, from the sofa.

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