Thursday, 28 June 2012

dreaming of sleep

I have long been fascinated at the point where sleep happens. That moment when reality slips away into another place, a place of sleep, that wonderful place where the dream-time happens. A place where you are whisked off into other worlds, where you stand at the top of high towers or the ever reoccurring dream where the tap starts dripping the river starts rising or the sea engulfs you, at the point where you might just drown, then you wake and realize it has been another night where you drowned in your dreams. Tell me, why is it that in those beautiful dreams, that you don't want to wake from, you wake at the crucial moment and the dream has gone and as hard as you might you cannot go back in to the book-marked place where you woke. I am not disclosing those dreams!
 I have sketchbooks full of people sleeping, friends, loves, people on streets, I am fascinated by the moment that we let go and sleep overtakes us and we are vulnerable and free to travel anywhere with anybody and do anything.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

kiss me swiftly

I found this beautiful chair with the most horrible years and years of  brown varnish in a junk/treasure shop.  I have stripped it, painted it, re -upholstered it and hand stitched a design from one of my drawings. I am just finishing the last hand stitching bits, where all my pins are. Hopefully it will all turn out ok!

Friday, 8 June 2012


This Bank holiday was Reading carnival which I have visited for as many years as I care to mention. 
This year I walked a different way to the carnival and saw something I hadn't noticed before. The grey concrete of the tower blocks on a grey rainy day juxtaposed with the vivid colours of the carnival, seemed to make them all the more electric. Love those contrasts.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

carry on regardless

The rain fell a little then the sun came out, then the rain fell a bit more, but in good old British style, people turned up in their wellies and carried on regardless to venture my open garden this weekend. Beautiful day of  sharing with friends, family, cakes and wine.