Thursday, 30 June 2011

new love

This machine is the new love of my life. Found at the bottom of a lake in poor shape it was rescued by me with the hope that I could chuck in my gym membership and get on my bike.
With some intrepidation as I took the bike wreck into the bike shop surrounded by new spangly machines gleaming and ready to take you anywhere. I slowly wheeled this old timer in fear I maybe laughed out of the shop. But no! the two lovely boys at Rotec cycles Simon and Ben took the bike under their wing and fixed me up a bike that I love. So then it wasn't only new wheels and the basics a whole new world appeared before me. I joined the realms of pimp my bike with my amazing ding dong bell and basket. It is a joy riding around on this 70 year old machine, smelling the honeysuckle wafting through the air and dodging potholes. I have not yet mastered the art of riding your bike Milanese style with your 6 inch heels. But will endeavour for glam nights out. I am the master at receiving parking tickets so this is a big two fingers up to the delightful traffic wardens in my neck of the woods. Their bonuses are done for I am on my bike.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

At last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At last I am really very happy to be launching Patchworkbutterfly's new website patchworkbutterfly, its been a long time coming and was only possible by two wonderfully amazing people. My sister for her everlasting patience and technical support. I owe the swear box a few pounds I can tell you! The other person Salvo Toscano who made the images in my head a reality through his insight, vision and sheer brilliance. He tells patchworkbutterflys story through the images he captured and made my messy mixed up world look so beautiful. I owe him a huge debt of thanks. I have been a great admirer of his work and was so pleased one Friday when I was sitting for a photography project, and dared to ask him if he would do a shoot for me. He said yes. After lots of gossiping much laughter and 3 shoots later, he created the images for the site that make me really really happy. You can see more of his work salvotoscanophotography

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Whiteknights arts trail

I am really happy to be showing lots of new work at The Whiteknights Studio trail on Saturday 18th - 19th June at venue 14 in the University of Reading area. I am showing work with the lovely Jo Quinn who is a printmaker and Sue Mundy who makes beautiful ceramics. We would love to see you if you are free. For more info about who where and what check out the site