Tuesday, 27 April 2010

the shoot

Finally got round to a massive photo shoot today, so much new work! The lovely Kat and I were up early ready to catch first light and 600 photos later we have some that I really love. We took the photos in my house and garden, it seemed the easiest way as I am so so un-organized that it was the only way to make sure everything we needed was to hand. A stylist's job is quite something when your off on location and you have to dream up every little item you may need for the shoot in the middle of the Sahara desert shooting winter coats. I don't know how they do it. We were up early to catch the ever changing light, it is not until you need certain light to create a certain mood that you realise how much the light can change in 5 minutes so we were running around the house and garden throughout the day like crazy things. I really scrubbed my house for the shoot, you know hoovered the garden dusted the flowers. Or so it would appear until we had to catch the light in a certain place in the house, you move the furniture only to find the Everest of a dust pile. My house after yesterday obviously doesn't pass the finger dust test. The day was lovely spent in search of making inspiring images that touch your soul in some small way.

All the items above will be going into my folksy shop soon www.patchworkbutterfly.folksy.com

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Back in the world

Have felt so unwell this last week could only muster up a postage stamp of creativity. I have laid in bed listening to the birds and watching the garden grow before my very eyes, and feeling a little worried that I wasn't every going to feel well again. Thank god! for Archie the cat he listened to my delirium, ramblings and has been a good and constant companion whilst I have been confined to my sick bed.
So I am very nearly back in my creative place be it somewhat fragile. I have lots of new work half constructed half in my head and many blogs posts I need to catch up with. So onward and upward!