Friday, 27 November 2009

drawing from life

The loving couple cushion
can be found in my folksy shop

Got out of bed the wrong side this morning, I really wanted to finish my dream, in a clinch with Colin Farrell and my little nephew came in sleep walking talking about a toothpaste monster. Darn it why can't you slip back into those dreams?
I don't have children and don't really think I have a maternal bone in my body, but I absolutely love children and my nephews and niece, they bring such joy, wonder and I find them a great source of amusement.
So with thoughts of Mr Colin Farrell swimming round in my head off I go to life drawing, it is really good practise, everybody should do it to free up your line, thought, observation and it's so relaxing.
But today no body beautiful certainly not Mr Farrell more like a 70 year old barrel. I know, I am being mean. The sketches I make in my life drawing sessions inspire many different paintings and other stuff.
Maybe next week it will be Colin Farrell, Brad, Jude,the highly beautiful Armani man of the moment,or the man at the gym. Some hopes!

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