Monday, 2 November 2009


Spent a lovely Sunday at Bookface which was a celebration of unconventional book and local artists creations, poetry readings and organic beer and delicious cake. Perfect combination for a Sunday. The building we were in was old and cranky, with appalling colours on the walls, walls maybe on the verge of tumbling, dusty old wooden floors, a baby grand piano that's just ever so slightly out of tune, chipped mugs and those coasters my nan had that showed picture postcard views of wales. It is all these imperfections that make this place so, so perfect. I didn't have any knowledge of performance poetry really, but Bookface fuelled my thirst for getting out there and finding it and enjoying something new. The performance poets were brilliant, I am hooked. We were there to launch our little artist hand-made book Fishy Business, it was lovely to be surrounded by artists and unconventional's who see the world through many eyes.

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