Sunday, 16 May 2010

Open !!!!!

May seems to be the month where the world Opens up for business again. Open studios and Open gardens. Life seems ever to be a fine balancing act, until the month of May, when everything goes a little bit crazy. The equilibrium has gone and it's back to the mania that predominates most of my life.
When I was doing my degree I had this wonderful Lecturer who gave us two really good pieces of advice the first being you were given hands to feel and touch everything, use them but don't get arrested, she was talking in terms of texture. The second was that it is simply not enough to be just that artists/designer you are marketing, PR, merchandiser, sales, accounts chief cook and bottle washer. I can here her saying "it's a fine balancing act". To true!
One of the things I have been neglecting is my blog and anything to do with dreaded technology as my knowledge is limited so I waste to much precious creative time fixing my mistakes. I am opening my garden and studio at the end of May so much of my time has been out in all weathers fighting with the ever growing weeds. My garden seems to be growing before my very eyes, it is one of my favourite places. Also there are two exhibitions my open studio and I am taking part in the Henley Arts Trail venue 13 Sat 29 - Mon 31 May to find out more
So what I need is a 8 day week and at least 28 hours in the day.

Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass... it's learning to dance in the rain!