Monday, 17 August 2009


I am not a great one for needing to buy things and don't hanker after many possession's, although for many years now I have had this wish list of four things I desire to own before I leave this life. These are a french chandelier to hang in my bathroom, to plant an orchard, a little library dedicated to my millions of books, and a golden Thai Angel. After reading Saturday's newspaper, that all changed there is now a fifth, this exquisite chair. I absolutely love this chair! How can such a practical object can be so impractical and so frivolous? A chair adorned with feathers. Our cat Archie will think he is in heaven! When all added up those desire's could prove quite costly, they may just stay as desire day dreams.
This chair can be found


  1. I love the chair, you're right it's beautiful, surreal and disturbing. All in a really wonderful way.

    If you get it, can I share it with you?