Wednesday, 19 August 2009

in search of the perfect turquoise velvet

Yesterday was one of those lovely days, no plans, just to go and be inspired. So to London I went.
My journey started at Liberty's which is a constant source of inspiration. It starts as soon as you reach Great Malborough street, with the delightful window displays pictured above. As you walk in the door it is like the most wonderful souk, where your eyes are led around beautiful spaces full of jewel like objects and treasures. My journey takes me to the 3rd floor to the haberdashery and fabrics, and then on to the wonders of the 4th floor, with the amazing pieces of furniture by Squint who have adorned every piece of furniture with a patchwork of fabrics. Then there are the sofas that are big enough to live on forever, in the most exquisite prints. Enough of this mooching around, my mission was to find the perfect turquoise cotton velvet. So I headed off into Soho to Borovicks in Berwick St, I found this shop when I was doing my fashion degree, it has been a constant source of wonders and yesterday it came up trumps. Armed with my sketchbook, glass of wine and a head crammed full of stuff from the day I go off to create or maybe just relish in the day.


  1. i love getting inspiration from liberty's windows and 3rd floor too, not to mention selfridges' windows. i always take pics of them on my trips to london then head to vv rouleaux on marylebone lane. your blog is getting better by the day x

  2. Thankyou your very kind. I have been really busy this week so lack of blogging. I must get to knit night. I just can't knit.