Friday, 7 October 2011

cheers Karl

Throughout your life you meet people, some stay some go, some are just chance meetings on a train where you share your world and never to meet again. And then there are some people, the people you meet who tilt the balance of your life and show you another way of seeing, doing, being. One of those people was Karl  a free spirit who packed his bags and went on a journey. The journey took him to Cambodia at the back end of Polpots regime a very different place now, to back then when the infrastructure was shot to pieces. Literally! He stayed and never looked back. This is where my story begins when I went out to Cambodia on my own not knowing where I was going to stay. I was pointed into the direction of The Ivy guesthouse of which Karl was the owner married to his beautiful Cambodian wife Vann. Our friendship started at the back end of the day in Cambodia sitting in the bar at The Ivy drinking Angkor beer and sharing our world's. Often I would come back from my days in the villages working on projects crying in disbelief at what I had seen and the pain people were suffering. He sat there listened as he knew  had seen it all and was able to make sense of it. I am thankful for this as some days I didn't think I would be able to deal with another heartbreaking day. Karl welcomed me into his world and he shared the real Cambodia he opened his big heart and a bit of me changed forever. I will be eternally thankful for knowing you and I am scared that when I return soon it won't be the same because you are not there! Your death untimely and so unfair. Thankyou for being part of my world the journey was amazing !

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