Tuesday, 18 October 2011

By the blue wall

Art Junction by The Blue Wall is a collaboration between Art junction and the photographer Salvo Toscano
Ten years ago I was asked as an artist to see if I was interested in setting up a space for people to come and create, individuals whose lives have been disrupted by mental health issue. The gang became known as Art Junction and over the last few years the group has grown beyond anything I could ever imagined exhibiting work both locally and nationally. It is a place to inspire, be inspired, laugh lots, find friends and understanding, just sometimes a place to be and feel safe in crisis
The purpose of the art junction group is to provide opportunities for expression to further personal fulfillment, to give opportunities to acquire and develop new skills, to develop self confidence and self esteem through participation in the arts. Art Junction helps to develop and nurture the artistic and creative potential of our members, and; increase their access to the benefits of the arts, as an integral part of individuals' care and recovery
 Whilst drinking coffee and gossiping, this is when I find all the best plans happen the collaboration between Art junction and Salvo Toscano came about it. Salvo spent a few weeks meeting our artists and shot them wherever they wanted to be photographed, some at our space, in their favourite places or just out in the street. We are really very lucky to have had this opportunity to work with Salvo and the resulting images are without doubt amazing. These photos were exhibited alongside the work of Art junction and many other happenings this last weekend as part of Nuit Blanche in Reading


  1. Wonderful photos and Art Junction sounds like a very inspiring place. As someone with mental health issues myself, I can testify that art is such a help to me. I set up my blog just as I was starting to see the light again for the first time in months. You're welcome to read my story there. I came here via the Folksy forum, thanks for posting your link :)

  2. What a wonderful place.
    It always amazes me (I don't know why) how many individuals, myself included, who first arrive at art or a craft as a result of mental illness.
    Long may the Art Junction continue

  3. Thankyou both so much for sharing !!!!!