Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I love gardens that ramble we have so many self sown plants that grow where the wind carries them. My garden is a continual source of inspiration, whether it's the clash of colour that break all the rules the scent of the honeysuckle on a balmy evening or just a beautiful daisy growing in the lawn. Flowers are nature's courtesans. They seduce elevate the mood and perfume the air. Our house is crammed full of flowers, I love them in old milk bottles, vintage china or just simply a pansies in a jam jar. This week I used flowers from our garden to make flower arrangements for "The old bag's tea party in old vintage handbags.
I would love to share with you another side of my world which is patchworkbutterfly vintage table ware. To find out more look on http://patchworkbutterfly.co.uk
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vintage tableware is lovingly run by me and my sister who have everlasting memories of perfect tea parties when we were small. Like the magpies we both are over the years we have collected beautiful china and our collection has grown. We would love for you to have perfect everlasting memories like ... us and so we would like to share our passion for beautiful china with you. Patchwork Butterfly Vintage, hope to add a scrumptious decadence to your occasion.

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