Saturday, 20 February 2010

selling you soul ?

How much of your creative soul is it ok to sell?
This dilemma is clouding my creative thoughts and won't go away.
I had an opportunity to meet some of the most creative and exciting buyers we have in this country and they really liked my work, they loved the designs the stitching, they gave me some really good advice and then said to come back to them with some revised designs. So the dilemma is they were talking oatmeal colour as a base and this just makes me sad as I love white. So what's a girl to do.
So I made a new cushion this week that concentrates purely on the hand embroidery so the beauty of the stitches and design as they said speak for themselves, of which I agree, but i can't do oatmeal it's nearly boring beige.
I can't afford to sell such a chunk of my soul just yet I might need to keep some in reserve.
New design can be seen


  1. The white is so clean and fresh and modern looking! I love them, I think you are right, oatmeal would have a completely different feel (and it wouldn't be half as lovely as they are). Go with your instincts - the little pom poms are fab too!

  2. I'm not sure where they are coming from either. I like oatmeal, as in natural linen, but white is so much more suitable for what you do. Oatmeal just wouldn't go with all the other lovely jewel colours you use. I'm familiar with your work from Folksy and I think White is right!
    Who are the customers of the supplier? I can see your work selling to city chic, oatmeal is more country. Stick to white!

  3. I agree! Pure, snowy white goes so much better with your jewel-like range. The oatmeal cushion is gorgeous, but I'm a fan of colour so I'd much rather purchase something with more 'zing' in it (the pom poms do add more flair though).

    If you absolutely detest the idea of the oatmeal then continue with what you love - it would be great to have a big London buyer (?) but do you really want to churn out tonnes of something you really dislike. A dilemma, I agree, but the world is so much nicer with some cheery colour in it!

  4. These are just stunning u r so talented.
    Lisa :)