Thursday, 14 January 2010

Dry your eyes mate

Somebody asked me yesterday who I most admired. I couldn't answer because I wasn't really sure what the question meant. The question rattled around in my head all night. It got me thinking, I admire so many different people for so many different reasons the list is infinity and beyond.
It was easy really it's my brother. I cannot even begin to tell you how much.

He has touched and diced with the deepest of despair, I thought he was going to go over the edge and we would loose him forever, he held on with a finger tip.
Where is there to go when every piece of you, your soul and your faith in human nature is broken into a million pieces. Me and him went on an amazing journey. The journey was painful, frightening, at times full of despair, we took days minute by minute in and amongst this time we laughed to stave away the fear, he learnt how to become a single dad and me an Auntie we both new nothing about babies, he painted which i truly believe saved him, we talked and talked for hours on end and we listened to The Streets - A grand don't come for free a lot.

In one single moment your whole life can turn round.
I stand there for a minute starin straight into the ground.
Lookin to the left slightly, then looking back down.
World feels like it's caved in proper sorry frown

Dry your eyes mate - The Streets

In time with love, listening and space he started to clamber back to the brother I knew, he never went away he was always there, but everything had become all consuming. He is a survivor and continues to live with a big heart with so much love for his wife, children and family.
He thinks what he has lived through is nothing, he just wants to forget about it all and get on and live life to the fullest. He does. That's why I admire him and love him so much.

If you care about the mental wellbeing of our society join Time for Change.
1 in 4 of us will at some time in our lives suffer with mental illness.
Let's start talking about it! Please!
It's the only way we will fight stigma and discrimination.

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