Sunday, 10 January 2010

secret keepers.....

Can you keep a secret?
I am a dreadful frivolous gossip and sharer of stories, always have been always will be, but if somebody shares a secret, it will be kept forever. As we go through our lives we are told many secrets or I think the word changes as you grow older to confidences. But secrets in time come out for all manner of reasons some because they need to be shared, some because it's the only way to sort stuff out and some because they are all consuming and it's their time to be let out. I have now been keeping hold of a secret that was told to me, for a long time. When I was first told it, it was all consuming so I buried the secret in the ground, then it was free and I didn't have to worry about letting it out anymore.
I was sitting listening to charlie my nephew over Christmas and he said he had a secret dinosaur living in the garden, how wonderful that's a bit like my secret Brad Pitt in my DREAMS. We all need a place to store secrets so I made some Secret keepers. not quite big enough to keep Brad Pitt in.
Got any to tell?

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