Monday, 14 December 2009

what's happening?????

I have shared my life with a wonderful person for many years. We are the odd couple.
When we did our degrees it was fish and fashion.
For a while now I have started to worry that there is every possibility that this much loved wonder is turning into a mermen. I quite expect to wake up one morning only to find his feet have metamorphosed into flippers. How can one person eat, breathe and sleep water. I think he will soon be able to breathe in it.
The water lures him like sirens the sailors, he works in it all day, when not working his passion is fishing for the mystical carp, he dives and when he comes home every night he falls asleep in the bath with a glass of wine. If it's over an hour I send the cat up to make sure he is still alive. How can one person have such an affinity with water? I like my feet firmly on terra firma, as water is probably one of my greatest fears. I once went and was regressed to see how I had lived my many previous lives, the one that I remembered most about was my life in Atlantis. So the fear is real, if you believe all that stuff. I can often be found swimming or running from water in my dreams. I nearly drown at least once a week in them.
If he does grow flippers, I don't know how he will get shoes to fit.

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