Friday, 18 December 2009

itchy feet

Spirit house Ho Chi Min City Vietnam
My wall showing some of my favourite places

Do you get that feeling when your feet are so itchy and wanderlust is all consuming. You long for journey's to meet people from far of lands and to just travel and be free. I like that feeling of having nothing more than my smelly old Moroccan bag that smells like a dead camel, passport and an unknown journey ahead. Terrible thing, I know in these days of Carbon foot prints, but I really love the smell of aviation fuel as I know new experiences are just around the corner. Every morning I wake to the wall in front of me filled with my favourite photos of my favourite places I have travelled to. It heartens me to think about where next. So many places, so little time, the year ahead is to be a year where I go and see a whole lot more of the world and all it has to share. I thought I would blog a week of sharing my favourite places, people and their stories.
Be still my wanderlust, be still until February.

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