Saturday, 5 December 2009

simple pleasures

Just put up our Christmas decorations. There is that lovely warm feeling getting down from the loft boxes of decorations that some how feel kind of new but feel very familiar. Each bauble tells a story, whether bought in Cambodia, Singapore in the garden centre with my Nang (gran) or ones that have been handed down from my mum. These baubles look a bit worse for wear they are showing there 40 years old. Is that not what Christmas decorations are all about memories, tradition and love. I don't have a Christmas tree, the thought of them being chopped down to end a sad 2 weeks in a central heated house over Christmas. I can't do that so instead my mum every year coppice's the cork screw willow and this is what we have. Dec's are up and just lit the first fire of the year, there is always that expectation that you are going to be smoked out, as you haven't swept the chimney. Everything seem ok at the moment.
Off for a glass of wine and some carrot and orange soup and lovely crusty bread. Life is about simple pleasures.

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