Friday, 4 December 2009

Bruno and his amazing magic mushrooms..........

Last evening myself and some friends attended the preview of Reveal an exhibition I have some work in. It was a lovely evening, shared with wonderful friends. My mum has always said to us all "You are as rich as your friends" I am a zillionaire as I have a wonderfully eclectic mix of friends who I really appreciate and love. Everything was going well at the exhibition until the magic mushroom incident....... In the middle of the exhibition were many plinths full of ceramics and glass. Yes breakable, fragile, delicate things. I must set the scene, I was over the other side of the room talking to my dearest friend and over the other side of the gallery next to the plinths stood Phil, A ( anonymous because she doesn't deserve to be connected with the incident and BRUNO, who does deserve to be named. It was a chilly evening and Bruno and A came from work with coats and bags. I was watching them talking in a group as I was catching up on the gossip and then in slow motion I saw the bag swing round and decapitate a ceramic mushroom on a stick that was poked into a flowerpot of sand. There was that split second where you don't know whether to laugh or not. Bruno's face was a picture. Was he going to reveal his crime or place the mushroom back in 2 pieces? Did anybody see as he looked around the room, he scanned around everybody was busy nattering. Would he be able to live with the dark secret ? Was he going to confess?
Yes he did, frog marched up to the desk by Phil. Bruno looking like a Brazilian Harry Potter,waving his decapitated magic mushroom. A his wife moved away from the impending problem and we watched Harry Potter try to buy a broken ceramic magic mushroom. The maker was terribly gracious and said not to worry at all. How kind. That was good news for Bruno as there had already been a car clamping incident the day before, so a broken magic mushroom expense was not looking good.
God I have laughed until I hurt about last night.
Thank you to my friends. You are wonders.
Visit reveal if you can, there are some really wonderful makers exhibiting there, just be careful of the mushrooms.

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  1. AHAAHAHAHAH!!! BRAZILIAN HARRY POTTER?? Your work is beautifull Lisa! Thank you for inviting us to your exposition. Thank u so much.