Saturday, 12 September 2009

waited and I waited and I waited......................

Yesterday was a day of waiting patiently, and then a bit more in- patiently and then as the day went on just bloody well mad of waiting. We were waiting for our new red sofa, our window slot for delivery between nine and five. You are always hopeful at the beginning that you will be first on their list and then as the hands on the clock pass, you begin to get a little less hopeful. Then at 4.30pm, you make a call to see if there is a hope in hell's chance of it arriving. " Yes it's on it's way" she said. 4.55 our lovely red sofa arrived, 4,55. I think the term is sod's law. Why is it on those days that you can't settle, to do anything.
Sofa's should be like old friends, that you can curl up on, play on, sleep, dream and live. They should be big enough for you and friends, and thoroughly welcoming at the end of a busy day. I love our new red sofa, but still looking to new, no sofa war wounds in the form of cat claws, red wine or covered in threads like our other sofa. Our other sofa really is an old friend and has many battle scars. I have actually finished making some cushions for our home rather than the rest of the world. Now that is a miracle!

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  1. What a gorgeous home you have. Love the colours!