Tuesday, 15 September 2009

a granny,a spaceship,a tea cup and Balmain

Photo from October 2009 Vogue

Who could put a granny, a spaceship, a tea cup and a model in Balmain it could only be the bloody genius that is Tim Walker, creative god.
It was a pure delight to open October's Vogue and find the Tim Walker photo shoot The lady who fell to earth. His photos are like stepping into those strange and magical day dreams with an Alice in wonderland type quality, the kind of dreams you never want to wake from. One of my absolute and favourite fashion photos ever, is the wonderful image of Lily Cole on the spiral staircase with the never ending dress. Each photo in that whole photo story is exquisite, if I remember I think taken in Gujarat India in 2005.
I think his work is just like a little slice of day dreamy heaven.
We should all day dream more, it's when our creativity floats in, because we momentarily let go of reality.

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