Thursday, 10 September 2009

a cat with a moustache

Just woken up in a bit of a fog due to a few glasses of champagne and wine maybe just one too many, never the less a perfect evening to celebrate my birthday, with lovely friends. So I am trying to lift my head off the pillow when I look at Archie the cat and overnight he seems to have grown and enormous moustache, I had a few last eve, not that many. As he comes nearer the moustache is moving. OH MY GOD IT'S A SNAKE! What do you do pull the duvet over your head, scream or faint? I scream pull the duvet over my head for a few seconds take a deep breath only to find out it's a slow worm. Still not good in your bedroom. This took me back to a strange site I encountered whilst in Cambodia. A lady hanging out her snakes to dry. I thought from the other side of the road, they were saffron coloured threads, hanging, but on closer examination hundreds of snakes drying out in the midday sun. I have had some unusual encounters with creatures whilst out their over the years. The most peculiar spectacles is the transportation of pigs. The transportation of pigs is unbelievable on the back of the moped, there is a plank of wood, about pig sized. These pigs are alive tied up on their backs with all four trotters up in the air. It is astounding, I asked how they get these pigs to comply with this mode of transport. It seems that the local home-made moonshine is the answer. Getting your pigs drunk for the journey, I wonder what the RSPCA would say about that. I don't like to see it, but I still think it far less cruel than the way we transport our animals half way round the world and then slaughter them. These pigs have lived their lives roaming freely, with plenty of food, and then they will go on a short journey, be it upside down to be killed and every scrap of flesh will be consumed. I know which I think less cruel.
I have been offered some real delicacies to eat in Cambodia, red ant paste, deep fried cockroaches and locusts, tarantula, baluk which are hard boiled eggs with the chick already formed, tortoise, and crocodile from the back yard. Each and every time with my hand on my heart. I have said thankyou but no. Thank God I really am vegetarian and have been for the last 27 years.

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