Saturday, 5 September 2009

Anybody got a cure for piles?

Anybody out there have a cure for piles?
Piles of stuff everywhere. I have just been walking around my house, garden and studio, looking for things and have counted 16 different piles of piles. Piles of drawings I am working on, piles of embroidery I am working on, piles of books that I am reading all at once, piles of newspapers,
piles of sketch books, piles of paintings for exhibition, piles of ideas in my head that need sorting out and as ever piles of socks and shoes who have lost there partners. When we all lived at home my mum's cure for piles was a cardboard box in the garage with each of our names on, and the pile stayed there until we could be bothered to retrieve them. One day I think the piles at my house will be so high that I will enter through, into my very own Narnia like world.
There is one thing that I have noticed about my piles, they have to look nice and inspiring, so that's a blessing, inspiring mess.
You can take a sneaky peek at my stuff

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  1. LOL! I have piles. In fct, I am just trying to clean up some of my paper piles but the computer keeps distracting me.