Saturday, 29 August 2009


Every morning without fail I spin my globe to see where I land, I love that it keeps spinning and you can stop it and see where in the world you are. Every morning a new place, a strange but familiar name. Those names conjure up wonderful imaginations of far off lands to explore and delight in. I remember buying my first globe for my birthday when I was nine from a very strange shop called Winkworths. I used to lie in bed spin the globe and see where it would stop and try and remember the names of these wonderful sounding places. I still have those same feelings of excitement of where it might stop and where we might travel in our dreams for a moment or two this morning. I love the sound of these familiar names, Mogadishu, Nicaragua, Cook Islands, Archipelago, Syria Vietiene and Zanzibar to name but a few in my millions of places I long to go. This morning I spun the world and landed in the middle of the Northern Atlantic Ocean that often happens. I better get swimming!
Be restless my wanderlust

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  1. HI Lisa, I love this idea and I love your work. Its so fresh and different. Cant wait to see what you do next.