Tuesday, 11 September 2012

its all our responsibility

 As any responsible or un-responsible adult knows, its our job to make the best memories for children. My childhood was beautiful along with my treasured brother and sister, full of fun, laughter, camping under the stars, swimming in the river, drawing, making and our heads full to brimming with family stories and  legends told to us by our dad. Who is now still one of the best story tellers I know of course matched only by my sister. So we as a family carry on the traditions making up stories filling the children's heads with magic and proving that make- believe can be real. So on my 40th birthday party at midnight these blanket 1970s monsters came into being in the pitch black chasing  my nephews and nieces around the garden, them screaming, laughing slaying ghosts until their hearts content. This memory will be a treasure forever, these memories shape us and make us who we are however young or old.

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  1. and this is how magic is done. and your most beautiful post ever. i am lucky to have our story in my life xxx