Friday, 13 April 2012

3 sides to my story

I have this thing about red shoes, it started as a child when I used to go shoe shopping always falling for the red ones they always shone out from afar. As I became older the obsession remained. I remember as a 7 year old me and my friend of the time, Amanda Scott used to spend many a playtime seeing how high we could kick of our shoes to see if we could reach the clouds. Until that fateful day when my brand new shoes, the ones with the red ribbon laces and red bead on the end, the ones I loved so so much were  kicked up in the air so high that one landed on the church roof. So high this shoe travelled, it may have well touched the clouds. Well suffice to say that I went home that day with one shoe missing with a tall tale about a shoe and a dog chase. Aaahh good to share that guilty secret. Nothing has changed I still love red shoes and have a fine collection. These shoes in the photo really do tell the three sides to my story!

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