Sunday, 18 March 2012

On a mission

I have been gardening all year, but this week it started in earnest, anytime I could I have been out there and anytime when I should have been somewhere else. I apologise in advance that over the next few months my time keeping will be rubbish, as there is always one more little thing to do in the garden.
My garden is one of my favourite places in the world, it is very possible that if some accountant looked back on my life's spending a fair chunk of my money earned would have gone on plants, flowers, trees.
The garden smells beautiful at the moment the candy sugar pink Hyacinths send perfume out on the breeze and one of my favourite plants Clematis Armandii wafts a beautiful vanilla essence.
 This week I was in a florist and I saw something new a, Eucharist Lilly. When I first saw the Eucharist Lily, I had to lift the beautiful bloom to look at it . The shy lily seemed intent on hiding its glorious beauty from the world. It's so delicate!
It looks like very like a daffodil; only the petals are pure white and it has a pale green corona. Each fleshy stalk carries up to eight blooms.
Eucharis (from the Greek word ‘kharisma’) means ‘grace’ or ‘charm’, and in Latin, it means ‘elegant’. I think the flower has been aptly named.
So I am on a mission to find some!

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