Monday, 12 March 2012

It's a secret...........................

This last weekend I spent down with my family who live in Dorset, it is such a beautiful county, and always restores my faith in the world. I went  to Dorchester and stumbled upon a place that I so want to keep a secret, but everyone should know about. A little piece of treasure in and amongst the everyday! You know, those places that you walk into and they transform you to another world. This place caught my human magpie eye with its glinting chandeliers, wonderful sculpture and beautiful bottles of potions and lotions called Medusa Apothecary. We could not resist but to go in and are noses taken on a wonderful journey to every corner of the world. From frankincense to heady jasmine, blood orange to the beautiful zest of Sicilian lemon, a buzz of incense and then their are those dry woody aromas It was heaven scent! The decadent shelves lined with the most carefully chosen items, and then there was the wonderful service, so warm, friendly and knowledgeable about everything from  face creams, to the sharing of the ingredients that make up the layers of the perfumes. There is also a beauty room for the ultimate indulgence. It is so wonderful to go to a place where the products are so lovingly sourced and there provenance is paramount. I love Medusa and defy anybody to go in and not failed to be impressed by every detail and also not to buy anything. They have also just won The Telegraph small shop of the year in the health and beauty category which is so richly deserved. Just beautiful! 

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