Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Just what the Dr ordered!

They arrived on Christmas day as a treasured gift, a boot shaped box, could it be? Yes it was a pair of the most beautiful red Dr Martens complete with red satin laces, flowery insides and they are heavenly and I love them ! 
Dr Martens have always had cult status and with each new youth culture their allegiance has changed and fitted into that particular way of thinking.
I love that you can wear them with jeans, combats, flowery dresses, pin striped suits or on site with your work gear. There is always the great debate over form verses fashion but here they meet in equal measure, perfectly integrated a modern design classic recognized all over the world.
Some may say who know me well, that my feet are rarely touching the ground but now I have the perfect excuse in my Dr Martens air walkers

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