Monday, 28 March 2011

Stitch miles

As I sat on the plane chasing the night, sewing at 30,000 ft I tried not to think of the thirteen hours ahead of me. For the last two hours I have been travelling over snow capped mountains and following never ending rivers like great serpents devouring the land beneath. It always makes me wonder who is down there? What are they doing and what are they thinking? I prefer journeys across land as you always get that sense of arriving in another land. Where as on a plane you land, and your first impression is of an airport which could be anywhere in the world. I was listening to all the conversations around me one was all about air miles. I don't even know how you would get air miles. I then thought to myself that I had paid for my plane journey solely by stitch miles. I then started to wonder how many stitches I had sewn in the last year to take me on my 6000 miles to Laos and Cambodia. It must be zillions!
I was going to blog whilst I was on my journey but instead decided I was going to write a proper diary in pen on paper with drawings so I did. So for the next few blogs I will tell you some tales of a precious journey to the other side of the world.

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