Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Peculiar times

It has been a very peculiar two weeks in reality but when I was looking back through the images saved on my camera it just looked even more peculiar. If somebody found the camera, I can't help feeling that they may feel slightly bemused, bewildered and think what the hell!!!
And then an explanation and all should become clearer. Clear as mud.

a) 3rd prize for flower arrangement in a tea cup at local flower show (equivalent of vicar of Dibley style show)
b) cat on mouse patrol he sits there for at least 18 hours a day at the moment
c) beginning of instillation for shop window by Spike decapitated dolls and taken apart sewing machines littering our work room floor. We are just hoping that he has used the old sewing machines!!!!! Mine is missing.
d) Nephews trying to catch their shadows in the nets.

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