Friday, 5 March 2010

drugs for cats

They talk of the beast of Bodmin moor and strange sightings all over the country of large black cats. Well today he was with me and was sighted in my garden! I have been waiting for today since November, the first day of this year's real gardening. It felt wonderful to be out digging, planting, thinking, dreaming and fighting with this wild devil. All was quiet until I disturbed the cat mint,this being the class A drug of choice for Archie our cat. He came from nowhere like a bat out of hell as soon as i had started to cut back the dead stems from last years flowers. He was in drug heaven he reminded me of Johny Depp in the film From hell in the opening scene, where he is chasing the dragon, smoking his opium pipe. Johnny Depp and Archie had that same look about them. Stoned! That cat became quit delirious and then performed the most amazing ballet jumping from tree to tree with the occasional pirouette and chasing of tail. Once he had indulged, a bit more, he layed out on the top of the willow tree, in the sun and watched the birds.
What a life!

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  1. What a gorgeous puss - but he does have a devellish look in his eye !