Friday, 5 February 2010

dancing queen

Have just finished making this cushion, it was inspired by a sketch I made whilst watching a group of women dancing.They were taking part in a burlesque dance class, I am fascinated by dance and am very jealous that people just go for it, even if they are terrible. I have to have wine, and lots of to dance, and then of course in my mind at that point I can dance like Ginger Rogers, Darcey Bussell, Madonna. I'm there! But after seeing film footage of my dancing spectacle, sadly the truth is very different. Dancing is strictly for me in my car and in the confines of my house!!!!
Anyway I ramble, I love watching this group because they come in all shapes and sizes and I am intrigued by their confidence and sheer abandonment, they are just brilliant.
There is one lady their who has the most wonderful voluptuous bottom that she squeezes in to fishnets and a corset with her tiny waist. I love watching her dance.
You can find this new dancing queen cushion in my shop