Monday, 28 December 2009

work house

This time of the year I am always filled with too many ideas the inspiration pot bubbles over and you are not sure which way to go. Terrible thing to drown in inspiration. So usually I start with random mono prints drawing with ink getting rid of what's inside my head, on to paper, back of fag packets, tax return forms anything that I can get my hands on. My studio is always airing on the cool side, it keeps my brain working much the same as"the Einstein" a quick submerge of your head in a cold sink of water. Many a time when I have had to get work finished for deadlines, have I had to do an Einstein.
I am working on too many projects at the moment so days of scribbling to formulate and delete ideas helps. My Studio is one of my favourite places in my world. It's all mine not many people ever visit it, as I keep it hidden, apart from Archie the cat who practically lives there. It is a place where the past,present and future blend together. Throughout my studio everything is in the middle of becoming something. One end of my studio is where I work, the other full of shelves covered in books, fabric, old radios, jars of buttons, threads, odds and sods, things that you will keep as they will come in handy and on the very odd occasion do. I like my living space to be calm and ordered but my work space to leave you always feeling inspired in a little bit of chaos.

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